With a strong focus on quality, timely delivery and staying customer-orientated in approach, the AXIOM Group has become a trusted partner to many in the optical disc industry and an outstanding service provider of Digital Video Solutions.

Starting with CD and DVD, back in 1997,we serviced much of the ROM market providing total solutions for our clients.  As the entertainment industry moved from video tapes to DVD optical media with DVD, AXIOM added DVD authoring labs in 2000, and that started our foray into digital solutions.  

We built competencies and soon were in the fore-front of the DVD authoring landscape, delivering close to 50 titles per month.  Moving forward from Standard-Def formats, we invested in HD equipment for Authoring, Mastering and Replication in 2008, and were able to provide a complete suite of services in the Hi-Def area of the packaged media industry. Through being able to handle Bluray and 3D Bluray projects of any size, we were soon regarded by many in the in Industry to be the most complete facility for Bluray production in the region.

In order to keep abreast of the Digital Media industry's developments, a sister company, ATTITUDE Digital Solutions, was formed in 2010 under the AXIOM umbrella, to focus on the non-packaged digital media space, leveraging on our leadership position in Bluray Video Authoring in the region. Our latest acquisitions in Digital Cinema encode and encryption equipment has given us capabilities in the Digital Cinema space. This has complemented well with our expertise in the packaged media industry.

Today, we are able to provide our clients, services such as DCP encode and encryption for theatrical movie screenings,  theatrical trailers creation, TV Commercials (TVC) and other digital video bformat conversions and manipulations. This is complemented by our ability to provide the physical packaged media for the content produced, ready for distribution or delivery to the market.  We continue to provide newer innovations available, to help our clients refresh their own methods of delivery of content.

We are growing with our customers and clients old and new, to ensure that we have a full spectrum of Digital Solutions for their every need in the Digital Video space.